Max Business School

For this assignment I want to focus on the opportunity that Max Business School has given me. My husband and I have talked about me becoming a Stay-at-home-mom ever since I returned to work after our first child was born. Digital Marketing became known to me from another mom on TikTok, specifically affiliate marketing. I was intrigued by the idea of not only having the chance to finally stay at home but to make money while I did.

Then it began…

I started digging for info and after trying this and that to learn more about the online opportunities that I had became woke to, I found Max Business School on his website. I was doing some research on the top niches in affiliate marketing and found his offer to learn for FREE. I was starting to lose my hope in my SAHM career so I thought to myself “what do I have to lose?”

“I need to see a hairdresser”

Scott Max

Nothing! That’s right, nothing! Starting this journey with Max Business School has been everything that I was looking for. The class is simple enough to follow yet so informative that even though I haven’t graduated yet, I already feel so much more confident in my decision to follow my dream of staying at home making money.

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