6 Steps to Starting a Blog

Whether you want to share your journey, make money online, teach others, or maybe a little of everything, starting a blog can be broken down into a few simple steps.

  1. Choose your Niche or passion
  2. Choose a WebHost
  3. Choose Domain/blog name
  4. Design your website
  5. Choose 1 social media platform to start promoting content
  6. Create content

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Your Niche

Choosing your niche is as simple as looking at what hobbies or interests you have. You know, the stuff you do day to day! Maybe your passion is weight loss or fitness. Or perhaps you thrive on learning new things just as you are right now. Either way, your niche needs to be something you care about because it’s really hard to talk about stuff that doesn’t excite you! Take a look at this list to give you some ideas..

  • Dating and Relationships
  • Health and Fitness
  • Travel
  • Parenting
  • Self-Improvement

These are just a few blog niche ideas. The possibilities are really endless. This step will really set the tone and success of your blog.


Internet hosting services offer you what’s needed to create and maintain your site and also gives access to your blog worldwide. Not to mention you will need a web host to store all of your sites files. You will also purchase your domain name from your chosen web hosting service.

Screenshot of Dreamhost home page.1

A web host ensures that your site will be accessible, reliable, and here’s a big one, VISIBLE. Nobody wants to go through all the work of creating content just to go unseen. I personally use Dreamhost. They have been around a good while and are well trusted for their resources, performance, awesome security, and AFFORDABLE prices. But here are some other web host to research for the purpose of your blog. It’s your blog, host with who you want to!

  • A2 Hosting
  • HostPapa
  • Hostinger
  • HostGator
  • Bluehost

Choose your Domain/Blog Name

A domain name is what your readers/customers will be typing in the search bar(URL). Choosing your domain name can be a little tricky. You may think what you have in mind is unique to you(and it should be!) but it may already be taken. That’s okay! If you have a close second option then you could go with that or try doing a different TLD other than .com, maybe .net or .org.

Screenshot of TLD link destination page.

Either way, you will need something that stands out. If you are competing with other travel blogs then take a few popular blog site names and use them as reference to make yours catchy and memorable. For example, “roundtheworld.net” or if your content is more specific, then something like “camperbob.com” would be more sufficient.

Another important note to take, make sure its short, sweet, and leaves your mark. Gocampingwithbob.net might sound straight forward but can make it hard to read as a URL and doesn’t have as much of an impact or jingle as camperbob.com.

Your domain name is pretty important since it will become your blog brand and what ultimately connects you to your readers. If you are at a complete loss or can’t find something that isn’t taken then you could try a domain name generator. It may open up your mind to the possibilities and shake out something you just haven’t thought of yet.

Screenshot of businessnamemaker domain name generator.

Design your Blog Website

By now I’m sure you get the theme of this whole starting your own blog thing. Stay true to yourself and the goal you have for your blog. So it goes without saying(but we are going to say it anyway), that image you have in mind should carry through into your website design. And if you still don’t have a clear idea of what that may look like then don’t panic! It will come to you. My advice is to keep pushing forward and it will eventually come to light which direction will be best for your goals.

Screenshot of WordPress home page.

So if you do have an image in mind then try to recreate that to the best of your website builder’s abilities. I’m partial to WordPress because it is what I’m familiar with and it has yet to let me down. Plus WordPress powers over 1/3 of websites available. But I have found that Wix is highly rated on multiple sites and Web.com seems to be a close second. I do suggest using a Website builder if you do not have any coding skills and haven’t built or designed a website before.

Don’t fret if you have no clue what illustration might best fit your blog. Most website builders have templates or themes you can choose from. You might just scroll through your choices and find one that screams your brand.

Screenshot WordPress theme page.

Choose 1 Social Media Platform

I will say that this piece of advice was beyond the best for myself. Starting a blog can be a bit overwhelming if you are taking on all these tasks at one time. So unless you are a magical multitasking genius then choose 1 Social media platform of your choice(and what makes sense for your brand). Once you complete all other steps and need to start in a direction of promoting your blog you will use that platform to gain subscribers. If you are starting a video blog then social media like YouTube or TikTok would be a prime location to consider. However, video vs text isn’t the only things to factor in.

When promoting content, you must consider your audience. For example, whether you are targeting men or women, 25-35 year old women, or 45-55 year old men. 17- 25 year old females will have higher traffic on TikTok and Instagram. So knowing your audience is huge part of choosing social media platforms to focus on.

Screenshot of TikTok for Business page.

When you know where you are going to promote, your next step will be to learn the best ways to promote using that platform. You will need to learn what they have to offer so that you can take full advantage of every opportunity to reach that audience. Don’t be afraid to tweak things here or there. Just know that there is going to be post you look back on and find that you could have done this or that differently. But you are learning! As long as you are taking your new found knowledge to make improvements and grow then you are headed in the right direction it won’t be long until you have those subscribers.

Create Content

You may be wondering why I would put this step after Social media platforms. That’s because I think it’s important to have a direction of how you are going to be promoting your content before creating it. You most definitely do not have to do these steps in this order, it’s just how I preferred them. But hey! Creating content!?! That’s exciting after all that’s brought you to this point. Now some people may have already been writing or making videos and just decided to finally share them through a blog but for those of us that hadn’t, this will be a big moment!

At this point in the steps you should have a clear direction and it’s time to choose topics within your niche to blog about! If you’re like me then it’s it difficult for you to just sit down in front of your laptop and just start typing. So jot those ideas down throughout the day in the notes on your phone or keep a pen and notepad close by to log that information as it comes to you.

Take your ideas and roll with it. Keep in mind your target audience and make sure that the voice in your blog speaks to them. Stay consistent through all your posts and never choose quantity over quality. You may feel the pressure to produce lots of content or post multiple times a day but your frequency won’t matter if no one wants to read or listen to what you have to say.

As always, if you have enjoyed reading along and learning with me then let’s grow together! Subscribe to my website and check out some of my other blog posts while you’re here!

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